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Quality, understandable research should be available to any professional, regardless of their ability to access exclusive institutional platforms. Against a backdrop of integrated markets in an increasingly multipolar world, technological upheaval has only further necessitated a well-informed global citizenry. While authorship may be a fundamentally subjective exercise, Datum Research exists to establish context and provide useful points of reference pertaining to many of the narratives and developments that may shape our future.

Having founded Datum Research in 2023, Edward von der Schmidt brings a decade of Wall Street experience in capital markets, sales and trading, and global macro research. Prior to leaving his career in finance, he was the lead author and manager of a signature daily markets commentary at one of the world’s preeminent investment banks. He has since dedicated considerable research capacity to better understanding operating systems, privacy law, and cybersecurity generally. Mr. von der Schmidt is an Associate of ISC(2) and has passed the CISSP and CCSP examinations. He lives in California.

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